Court convicts man for improper disposal of human excrement

The Suhum Magistrate Court presided over by Mrs Cynthia Blagoggee has convicted Joseph Kortey to a fine of GH¢1200.00 or in default serve three months imprisonment in hard labour for improper disposal of human excrement.
The accused who failed to comply with a notice served him by Environmental Health Officers pleaded guilty with an explanation but his explanation was not accepted by the court

Prosecuting, Mr George Theophilus Agyalo, Senior Environmental Officer told the court that the accused is a resident of Suhum and an occupant of a house there.

The prosecution said on 28th December last year Environmental Health Officers at Suhum received information that the accused was attempting to dislodge the content of his septic tank manually without seeking technical advice.

He said the accused was therefore asked to stop and seek technical advice by the environmental officers, but he failed and proceeded to carry out the act against all public health regulations.

Mr Agyalo said the accused was again asked to liaise with the environmental health office to disinfect the area to prevent the spread of Faeco-oral diseases like malaria, cholera, typhoid, but he again failed, and therefore issued with summons to appear before the court which subsequently convicted him for the improper dislodging of human faeces.

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