UK, Ghana governments condemn illegal criminal acts of killing in Ejura

UK and Ghana governments have joined hands to condemn all acts of violence attack on the people of Ejura-Sekyedumase

UK government was of the view that the reports are disturbing but called Ghanaians to exercise restrain to ensure that the agencies in government do their work industriously to guarantee justice for the people. .

British Government has shared it sympathy with the family of dead victims of the Ejura-Sekyedumase youth protest.

In another development, the government of Ghana has also criticized the violence attack which took the lives of two people and injured four others.

In the News release, signed by the Acting. Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin, pointed out that the President has given the Minister of Interior, Ambrose Dery, ten days to present a comprehensive report of the full investigation about the incident

“The Interior Minister is to provide a detailed report from the inquiry, with recommendations for appropriate action to be taken by July 9, 2021”, the statement said

A joint Police and Military team clashed with the agitated youth on the streets while demanding justice for late social media activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, alias ‘Macho Kaaka’ 45 who was murdered by unknown persons.

According to the statement the president is saddened by the death of Kaaka, Abdul Nasir Yussif and Murtala Mohammed.

“He extends earnest condolences to the families of the deceased, and wishes the injured a speedy recovery,” the statement said.

The National Peace Council has condemned the shooting incident that led to the death of two persons and left four people injured at Ejura on Tuesday and describing it unfortunate.

The Council applauded the President Akufo-Addo for requesting a public inquiry

The Council has articulated its condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones as a result of the aggressive incident.


A 40-year-old social media activist was attacked to death by an angry mob at Ejura on Saturday dawn.

Ibrahim Mohammed was attacked by two assailants, who have purportedly been arrested by the Police. He was repetitively struck on the head with objects until he lost consciousness.

The irate youth yesterday burnt car tyres and clashed with the military cum police on the streets of Ejura, leaving two adult males dead and four others injured.

The protesters were reportedly returning from the cemetery after the burial of Macho Kaaka when they started pelting stones at the few police personnel around.

The unprovoked attacks was rapidly getting out of hand so it forced the few policemen to flee the scene and called for corroboration, and a joint police and military team arrived speedily.

The youth went to the police station on Tuesday to inquire about the extent of investigations to the slaughter of their associate and #FixTheCountry activist.

Confused broke up as a joint Police and Military team confronted the troubled youth on the streets where two people were shot in the course of action.

According to the Ashanti region police command “The Police moved in with Military reinforcement to quell the situation but the irate youth charged on the security officers with all manner of tools including firearms, clubs, machetes, and stones.

Proceeding to the shooting incident, the Ejurahene, Barimma Osei Hwedie II, had asked for calm among the heated youth, stressing that he has self-confidence in the police to arrest Macho Kaaka’s killers.

The Ejurahene’s remarks seemed to have worked to rightness at the outset as the youth openly promised to remain calm just as their overlord had urged them to do. But things turned bad later on.

Ebenezer Owusu  Ansah

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