GES to dismiss teachers who fail to registered on NTC

The Ghana Eduction Service (GES) is expected to dismiss teachers who fail to register with the National Teaching Council (NTC).

The National Teachers Council directed graduate teachers who want to practice teaching as a profession to register on its portal before 7th May 2021.

According to a press release by the Council, all teachers who were recruited before 1st August 2018 are to register on the teacher’s portal.

“ It is to note that teachers who were employed after 31st August 2018 are required to pass the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination to merit the license and registration number. Thus the provisional License shall be replaced with a full license during the exercises”.

It further noted that all qualified teachers who fail to avail themselves for the registration and licensing exercise shall lose their right to practice as teachers in Ghana”.

Story by: Ankamah Maxwell

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