‘Miracle’, Newborn baby recovering after being dumped in toilet trash can

People in Bremen are investigating after a newborn baby was found abandoned in a toilet trash can.

 Baby Saved From toilet after a passerby heard a noise coming from a trash can.

The baby was rescued after a passerby; heard cries coming from a toilet trash can just outside and alerted people who were in the area.

“I was walking down and heard crying coming from toilet trash can and grabbed. I grabbed the toilet trash papers out of the can and after taken all the used toilet papers out, there was a newborn baby. Fresh, he had blood all over himself. Everything a newborn baby would have,” passerby said.

The newborn is being treated by local people.

 “We want parents of newborns to be aware that there are options available when they feel hopeless or overwhelmed,” resident. “That this newborn survived is a miracle. The civilian who alerted people should be commended for getting involved and helping. We are hoping for this child’s continued good health.”

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Story: Alexander Afriyie

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