Offinso Asamankama chieftaincy shooting incidence: Offinsohene must be investigated -by Concerned Youth of Ofinso

Tension is brewing with heavy security presence as one person is killed and another in critical condition following a chieftaincy dispute in Offinso Asamankama in the Ashanti Region on Thursday, 20th May 2021.

The confusion ensued when the royal family met at Akwamuhene’s palace to select a successor for the late chief, Nana Asamoah Okyere who until his demise was the Akwamuhene and chief of Asamankama, a suburb of Offinso. The scuffle started when the obaapanin Nana Ama Sika (queen-mother) announced the name of Mr. Osei Bonsu as the next chief of Asamankama. One faction whose preferred candidate was not selected raised concerns leading to armed conflict and open fight. 

As a concerned youth of Offinso, my concern is not about the queen-mother’s selected candidate. After all, one person has to ascend to the Akwamu stool, and the selected candidate is also a royal. My issue has to do with a letter from the Offinso Traditional Council that has surfaced since the unfortunate incident happened.

In the said letter dated May 17th 2021, the Offinsohene Nana Wiafe Akenten III, among other things, was inviting Nananom of Offinso to a swearing-in ceremony of Akwamuhene elect which was scheduled to take place on 31st May 2021.

Why Offinsohene must be investigated

The point I am making is that the meeting to choose a successor was on 20th May 2021. So, on what basis did the Offinsohene write a letter dated 17th May 2021 to invite the Nananom to the swearing-in ceremony of the Akwamuhene elect?. Inviting your sub-chiefs for such an occasion means that the person has already been selected and accepted by all parties, but that was not the case. As a concerned youth of Offinso endowed with customs and traditions, what I know is that the Omanhene is only informed after a candidate has been accepted by all parties. After that, a date will be agreed upon by all parties for the swearing-in ceremony. The emerged letter shows that the Offinsohene knows more than we the citizens of Offinso know. As such, he must be invited for questioning and interrogation. The Ashanti Regional Police P.R.O, ASP Ahianyo in a press briefing made it clear that the queen mother and some elders have been invited for questioning. Given this, the Offinsohene, Nana Wiafe Akenten III must also be invited for questioning; on what basis did he summon Nananom for Akwamuhene elect’s swearing-in ceremony.

Thank you.

Nana Wiafe Akenten III, Offinsohene

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