Fallout of deadly Jamestown bullion van robbery incident: Diaspora NGO seeks justice for family

Ghana Advocacy Group, a Diaspora based organization headquarters in USA and Aim Ghana, a local NGO, have teamed up to seek justice for the family of Joyce Afua Badu, a pregnant woman who was shot dead by armed Robbers alongside with police officer, Emmanuel Osei in the  Jamestown bullion van robbery incident.

The two NGO’s have decided to seek for justice for the family.

Afua Badu was said to be an eyewitness who was chased and killed by the robbers when she tried to raise alarm.

According to 80 year old Afua Badu’s Mother, after one month of the incident the Bank in question has not shown up to express their sympathy to the family and let alone offer any form of assistance to them.

She said, Afua Badu left behind three boys, and the oldest is just 11 years which the family is haplessly in their needs.

The family is appealing for support for justice and also support for the young children left behind,


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